Saturday, 15 November 2008

Checking in...

Well it's been some weeks since I last posted and even though I am now retired and recovering from my operation my life still seems to have been rather hectic!

On Thursday it was my grand-daughter Isabella's sixth birthday and I was determined to see her before she went to school. I left home at 6am and got the first bus at 6.09, I then had to get another bus and finally got to my daughter's house at 6.50, I was so proud of myself! Although I can drive it's been many years since I have done and don't miss driving at all (after all, over 60s get free bus travel in the UK!) but it would have made things so much easier if I'd gone by car, never mind, it was an experience and I've always been an early riser anyway. Isabella was so surprised when she opened the door to find me there! She was already in her school uniform and was happily showing me her birthday presents. She badly wanted a telescope and her mummy and daddy had bought one along with other things so she was a happy bunny!

Today it's her birthday party and guess who's in charge of making cakes?! I made some yesterday and when I get off this computer I shall be making more.

I don't seem to get any alerts about other people's posts and I don't know how to set them up, I really must try and get my head around all of this, it's just so time-consuming for me.

Well that's about it for now, please let me know if you do get an alert for this post, I'll wonder how, but anyway....!

Have a good Sunday,