Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Where has the last six months gone?

I just can't believe that it was six months ago when I last wrote! I've just read it and I was talking about the plug plants for the garden...well they've almost finished now and we're now on a 'glorious tidy-up' of the garden for the winter.

We heard that we had the planning permission for the conservatory the day before we went to the South of France so when we got home it was all systems go for getting that built. The company we used were absolutely brilliant, the builders, the glaziers, the admin staff, everyone! We're so pleased with it. I tend to use it more than Peter because I'm not really a television person, I like to watch some programmes, (Strictly Come Dancing for instance!) but as I like to read or go on the internet, I now sit out there. It's lovely first thing in the morning....well it was when we had the light mornings, I can drink my coffee there and it feels as though I'm sitting in the garden without the cool air.

This I'm going to the hospital with my daughter Lorraine. When she had her regular smear test a few weeks ago they found abnormal cells, she then had a biopsy and was told she'd have to go back to have the cells removed. She went to Spain for a week and today is the day that they'll be removing them so I'm going with her to hold her hand. We'll find out the result of the biopsy too so I'm just hoping it won't be bad news. I've had some health problems myself recently but I'll write about that maybe next time, I have to get ready for when Lorraine gets here.

The rest of the family are all keeping well, thank goodness, although Rhiannon phoned me this morning to say that Isabella was bad in the night with her asthma again, not bad enough for the hospital but she's keeping her off school today to be on the safe side. The last time she was in hospital with it was in April.

I'm hoping to catch up with other journals soon, maybe tonight, and also to make regular entries of my own....you never know!

Love, Pat


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a fast 6 months but it is so good to hear from you once more. Your daughter will be in my prayers. Glad you are able to be there for her as I'm sure she appreciates the company. Hope to hear more from you soon.

Barbara said...

Glad you made it back before I gave up and deleted you from my list. ;o)

Hope all is well and good with your daughter.

Don't be a stranger.

Linda George said...

Hi Pat, Yes I did find your comment, eventually. I've not found a way to get e-mail notifications about comments made on my blog but just spotted that there is a tick box if I make a comment on yours. So if I comment on mine own Blog after I post, perhaps that will work.
Hope everything goes well with your daughter, my sister had similar about 20 years ago and no problems since. As for Isabella hopefully her asthma will improve as she gets older, my Catherine has had a different inhaler, which seems to keep hers under control now. Hers was much worse when she was a child.

Come back soon :-)