Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Mumly Mum!

Hello again!

I am waiting for Rhiannon to come here with little Rico after she drops Isabella and Sofia off at school. We'll have coffee here then go off shopping together, sounds lovely, just the sort of thing I liked to do with my mum when I was younger.

When my eldest daughter Claire was about 8 or 9 my parents moved to Hastings which meant I couldn't just pop round to see my mum. Dad's business was at London Bridge though so once a week he would drop mum off at my house and we would spend a lovely day together, either at home or go shopping for the day while the girls were at school...I loved those times and so did my girls! Sometimes we'd spend a few hours doing the gardening, which mum loved, and she'd also help me change the bed linen, she used to say it was easier with two people, she was right and I now get Peter to help me! Mum always arrived with something, whether it was chocolate, cakes she'd made, colouring books or a small reading book, sometimes it would be sets of doll's clothes that she had knitted for their dolls. I have such happy memories of those precious days together. Now I find I'm doing the same with my girls! Rhiannon said once when she was younger that I was a Mumly Mum... I know exactly what she means and I take it as a compliment!

After my dad closed his business at London Bridge he and my mum bought a hotel at Folkestone which meant that the weekly visits had to stop. The hotel had 19 bedrooms so there was usually a couple of rooms for us if we wanted to visit. We always went there for a week or two when the girls were on school holidays and because they were off school for six weeks mum used to have the girls there one at a time and they could take a friend with them. I would put them on a coach at the top of our road, phone mum to let them know they were on it and she and dad would meet them at Folkestone. Of course I told the driver that they were being met. The girls used to think it was such an adventure and I suppose it was for them! This was when the girls were aged from about 11 or 12 so they were old enough to travel that way on their own. They would be armed with drinks, crisps and fruit 'for the journey' and also their magazines or comics so they didn't get bored, I think the journey was only just over an hour anyway. The girls and their friends still talk about those holidays!

Well Rhiannon will be here shortly so I'd better get the kettle on!
Have a good day!


LYN said...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would think that is a compliment too. You have some nice memories of your mother and she set a good example that you seem to be following. Enjoy your day!

Kath said...

My life was pretty much the same Pat when My Mother was alive.Then when I had three sons and one Daughter of my own.I hoped I could do the same with my Daughter when she grew up.I went to live at the coast three yrs ago and missed our get togethers and outings so so much,plus the Sons too of course..One of who thought nothing of going out shopping the same with his MUM,but now lives in USA. Now I have left the coast and am back living near them all again,Daughter and I spend the same time together as you do.Not as often as she is working now , but at least once a week weather permitting.So I know the feeling and it's a good one.I am so happy you are able to do this.In todays world we have to think twice about letting our Grandchildren (our children being grown up) go anywhere alone without adults.They miss out on all the old adventures as you called them,our kids used to have.It makes me so angry at times.Have a lovely day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

How lovely Pat, I love to shop with my own daughter Kerry, it always feels so nice doing something that many take for granted. My own mum left home when I was 13 and never showed any interest in me after that so I never knew what it was like to shop with her. I know that my retail therapy trips with Kerry are so very special because of that.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Jan said...

Pat what a great entry ,reminds me of my Mums weekly visit ,and yes we changed the beds together ,Mum would fold my washing ready for ironing too,I called it the laundry inspection!...love Jan xx