Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thinking of my Mum

Today my Mum would have been 85. She died 20 years ago last December and I can honestly say that not a day goes by when I don't think of her. She was never very demonstrative, I don't ever remember her cuddling me although I suppose she must have done when I was small, but I do know that she loved me, she showed it in a lot of other ways. I know she was happy with her life, she and my dad lived very comfortably, perhaps not at the beginning of their marriage but certainly the latter part, I know money isn't everything but it enabled them to do what they wanted to do, which included spoiling me and the grandchildren from time to time! I think it gave my Mum a lot of pleasure to buy things for us and take us to places we couldn't have afford... now I am in the position where I can do the same for my girls and I know just how my Mum must have felt when she did so!

I shouldn't be on the computer, I have so much to do before tomorrow evening, at 3am on Friday we will be leaving for France so everything has to be done before then. Peter will be going to bed really early tomorrow night as he will be driving for five hours once we're at Calais and off the ferry, I usually manage to have some sleep as we go along although I like to stay awake to make conversation - perhaps he'd rather I slept though, I'll have to ask him!! Today I have to get some Euros, the exchange rate is terrible but we need to top up what we have left from last September, I also have to go to the bank, the post office and get another few bits and pieces that we'll be taking with us.

The friend that we stay with is an old friend of my father's, he is English but married to a Franch lady, they're a lovely couple and we always look forward to our time with them. When we're in France Peter does all the driving and we ask Denise where she would like to go while we're there. Arthur does drive but prefers not to drive for too long and as Peter likes driving anyway he's happy to take them wherever they want to go.

A few years ago a colleague at the Museum where I worked showed me a cookbook that she'd bought for her cousin's birthday, it was French cooking but was in English. One of the photos had a lovely jug in it, I really loved the jug and my colleague managed to find it on the internet, it was being sold in a shop in Dijon! She printed the website of the shop for me and when I showed it to Peter he said we could go there when we next went to France which was only a few weeks later. It was a three-hour drive, we stopped for coffee on the way, but we were so pleased we went, Dijon is a lovely old town and we were only sorry we didn't have longer there. It was market day too but by the time we got there the market was closing which was a shame. Of course it's also where the mustard is from and every shop sold all kinds of mustard in all kinds of containers, it was wonderful! We found the shop in a small cobbled street and I ended up buying the jug in two sizes, bowls, a tray and a metal sign all in the same design as the jug I saw in the cookbook!

Well I'm off to start getting things done!



LYN said...

i miss my Mum every day too...
enjoy your holiday!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree I miss my Mom too. Today is the date of my late husbands birthday also. Your trip sounds like it will be wonderful. I hope you enjoy fine weather and maybe even find something interesting like that jug. 'On Ya'-ma

Manda said...

Hi Pat, Thank you for your comment on my own "ramblings" - I'm soo happy you found me, and hope we can now be friends.

I hope you enjoy your holiday, and have lots to tell either while you are there, or when you get back.

Your daughters shouldn't call cakes and goodies "rubbish" - there's nothing wrong with "home cooking" tell them hahahaha.

I'd like to hear more about the tea party your grandaughter is having.

Take care and have a safe journey xx

Jan said...

I miss my Mum too ,more especially on Birthdays and aniversaries ,have a lovely time in France ,by what you have told us Im sure you will Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

I agree with you as I miss my Mum and think about her everyday ~ as I do about my Dad ~
Enjoy your time in France and have a safe trip ~ Ally x

Kath said...

I miss my Mother Pat more than words can say.I was only 36 when I lost her so its been a long time but never a day goes by that I don't think of her or mention her to someone.Your trip to France sounds brilliant.I hope you have the most wonderful time.Safe journeys on your travels all of you.ENJOY every minute.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jeannette said...

I miss my Mum every day also and I lost her in 1981. It never goes away, the pain eases but the memories and longings remain.

Jimmy's Journal said...

My Mom and Dad have both passed and they're always in my mind in one form or another. Sometimes when I get angry at myself, I think of my Mom and what she would have said. Memories are great.

The French side of my family (I'm theoretically Irish-French) came to America from Paris in 1684 and I've always wanted to visit both France and Ireland.

The reality of it all is I also have English, Welsh and Scotish blood so I gues I'm just a mutt (but with excellent blood mixture).